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Establishment, general contractor and hardware store - Mowers Plus Inc at 79141 Country Club Drive a, Bermuda Dunes, CA 92203, US. On this page you will find information about the company, its opening hours of the company, telephone and address and customer testimonials.

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79141 Country Club Drive a, Bermuda Dunes, CA 92203
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Phone number:
+1 760-772-2153

Establishment   General contractor   Hardware store  

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Opening hours

Monday 07:00am — 04:30pm
Tuesday 07:00am — 04:30pm
Wednesday 07:00am — 04:30pm
Thursday 07:00am — 04:30pm
Friday 07:00am — 04:30pm
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Reviews about Mowers Plus Inc

  • Tc Davies
    Jun, 23 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Go anywhere else.

    Bought a sthil blower from here.
    We discussed with the owner of the business that if we buy a blower (350 +piece of equipment) he would inspect our other blower for free....which means 0.00 dollars right.... So we bring the one we have it in and buy a brand new blower. So I'm talking to the guys son (the owner is out of town) I mentioend and my other half mentioned to him several times about the agreement with his father I'm talking at least 5 times each the discussion we had with his father. Everything was copasetic. Hes telling us how to mix everything and how it has to be used but when I ask for an owners manual they have none. No worries I contacted sthil for one directly and they emailed it and I read it and we were compliant in the care and use of our product. We dropped the blower we already had that was laging for inspection and 1 week later had heard NOTHING. I called amd spoke to the owners son people were sick they were back logged and could not look at it. I said okay well we will be by this week to get it and do not bother to inspect it the owners son says yeah no problem I will pull it and let them know not to inspect. Okay great thanks. (A free inspection btw that we were now declining). So my other half goes to pick it up....and what happened. We were CHARGED by the owners son for an inspection and it was given back in multiple parts in a box....I mean seriously. So the owner starts apologizing MULTIPLE times but ignores the fact we had a verbal agreement which is recorded on their closed circuit security video and audio system as per the signs in their building...and doesn't respond to the refund request just CONTINUALLY apologizes for the miscommunication . I asked if we were getting a ready d or store credit and he says whats done is didnt think that wad a policy. Walks away to get the blower and Comes back and says the blower which is 3 weeks old TOMORROW is not defective were just not running right. So to repair the blower as its not under warranty since its apparently an our use issue (which its not) were calling them charging us for the blower inspection charge that never should have happened and this blower again 3 weeks old which had failed due to "our use per the owner" were calling it even.

    The absolute gross absecence of customer service in here is painstakingly obvious and absolutely pathetic.

    Thr best part the owner loudly exclaims to his son in front of another custoemer as were walking out "I feel sorry for him" reffering to my other half because of his interaction with me....

    Dont waste your money here. Supporting local is great when you don't have bad business owners to deal with. Save yourself stress take a trip out of town or contact the company directly to not have to waste your money in a business that doesnt deserve it.
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